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A university education from the USA is recognised as being among the best in the world, providing exciting career and lifestyle prospects for international students.

We guide students in shortlisting courses and universities, common/coalition applications for Undergraduate studies, guidance regarding standardised tests and entry requirements, essays and questions, video interviews and direct applications for undergraduate and graduate studies to several leading & Ivy League universities incl:

  • Cornell University
  • New York University
  • Duke University
  • Yale
  • Columbia
  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Purdue
  • George Washington
  • Wharton U Penn
  • University of California  - UCLA, USC, UCSD
  • UT Dallas 
  • Texas A&M 

Masters application Deadlines Dec 2022 - Mar 2023 depending upon college & Course 

Explore pathway, undergraduate and post graduate courses in USA for 2023 Jan- Mar intake without SAT/GMAT:

  • Undergraduate courses without SAT : State University of New York, California State university, Rhode Island, Rochester University, University of North Texas, Arkansas State University (SAT required)
  • Post graduate courses without GMAT/GRE at University of South florida, George Mason University, Colorado State University, Marshall university, Illinois state, Washington State, Arkansas State University (GRE/GMAT required)

Wide range of private and public universities offering a wide range of courses including

  • MBA with pathways in data analytics, health, business, hospitality
  • Business, management, finance
  • Computing, IT, data analytics, cyber security
  • Science technology engineering mathematics
  • Biotech/bioscience
  • Liberal Arts, Humanities


Enquire below with CV to info@combineco.com with your preferred course and university 



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